6 signs that you may require a total knee replacement surgery

Introduction : Resting or applying ice on the knee is a common remedy to relieve knee pain but there can be symptoms where this method will just not work or the pain will come back again. With that being said there are 8 such symptoms where applying icing or just resting isn’t sufficient and it’s probably time that a surgery is long overdue. 

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  • If you have bad arthritis : According to a study, most people undergoing knee arthritis either go through osteoarthritis which causes wear and tear around the knee, rheumatoid arthritis in which an autoimmune condition causes joint pain and damage or post injury arthritis.
  • Non Surgical treatments are not effective anymore : When the arthritis of the knee is in early stages, we normally start with the more conservative measures like medication, steroid injection or even physical therapy to work on the symptom. And while it works sometimes, in some scenarios it may not be enough. These are temporary measures for providing pain relief but at some point it may not be enough. And when that happens, it is probably time for a visit to the doctor.
  • Doing mundane activities becomes harder because of the pain : If other treatments do not show any effect, then the knee pain begins to interfere with daily lifestyle routine. If conservative treatments do not reflect any sign of improvements while doing something as basic as walking then it’s time for that surgery.
  • There is severe pain in the body even while resting or trying to sleep : If you feel sharp pain at night while resting, then your body is showing clear signs of a surgery.
  • Knee always being swollen : Swelling is another sign for a knee not responding to other treatments. If the knee is constantly swollen despite anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections and physical therapy suggest degeneration of the cartilage or instability of the knee, which can be confirmed with an X ray. Hence making you a candidate for knee replacement surgery.
  • When deformity develops on the knee : If arthritis is advanced, it can cause hindrances even in our walking style, which can also lead to problems elsewhere in the body. If the knee starts becoming bowed, it’s an indication of arthritis developing. And that means it’s time to get a knee replacement done. 

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Conclusion : If you’re someone going through pain in the knee for a long time and nothing seems to be working, then a knee replacement surgery is required before things only get worse. Dr Yugal Karkhur is well trained in this division and makes sure that after the surgery and some post healing treatments, the patients don’t have to face this problem again.