damaged or weak knee

 Best Care for your problematic Knee

“Having a normal knee would make life a lot easier.”

Sir Andy Murray, a renowned tennis player

Why is taking care of your knee so important?

Your knee takes a lot of weight, pain and bearing on physical activity than you realise. Knee pain or problem can happen at any age, which is also dependent on lifestyle. However, the older you get, you need to take more and better care of your knee. Improper timely treatment or ignoring knee care can result in limping, slow walking, and physical activity restriction, in the future. Some get more bedridden due to severe knee problems such as accidents, sports activity, or falls that have been addressed or treated on time. 

What are the signs of a damaged or weak knee?

  • When you have difficulty standing, sitting down, crossing legs or bending your knee. 
  • When you have a swollen knee.
  • You feel knee pain in doing some basic activities like walking, jogging, climbing stairs, and getting in-out of transport means.
  • Having difficulty in performing sports activities due to knee pain or ailment.
  • You have difficulty standing too long and feel pressure on the knee. 
  • Are not able to fully flex your knee or ned your leg. 
  • Knee pain due to injury or accident. 
  • Sore knee.

How to take the best care of your problematic knee?

  • Diagnosing the root cause of the knee ailment with the help of an experienced doctor is an essential initial critical step.
  • Have food and supplements as advised by the doctor.
  • Apply best-recommended ointments and creams with advice from the doctor.
  • Should take medicines only on advice and as prescribed by the doctor. 
  • Consulting a doctor and doing the best-advised exercises is suggested. Slowly increase the exercise schedule for your knee to heal over time more naturally. Doctors are YK Orthopaedics repair, recover and revive the knee in the best treatment.  
  • Rest is essential, especially post any knee treatment, knee specialist in Gurgaon. 
  • Avoid high-intensity or high-impact exercises. 
  • Avoid walking on hard surfaces, such as pavements and roads. Walk on soft soil like in a park, and track along the roadside. 
  • If you are overweight, consult to reduce weight gradually. Heavyweight can put undesired pressure on the knee. 
  • Consult YK Orthopaedic doctor for the best exercises for knee fitness. 
  • Ice packs should be applied if needed and advised by the doctor.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures to your problematic knee. 
  • Use a crepe bandage to support your knee, as advised by your doctor. 

Last, few words not be negligent about or ignore or postpone any sort of knee pain, ailment or problem. Consult a leading and expert YK Orthopaedic doctor today. For clinic locations near you, visit or call +91 8851376606.

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