UNDERSTANDING HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY : Before we get into the habits which can either speed up our chances or recovery or halter them, let’s first understand about the basics of this surgery in depth. 

In this surgery, the doctor removes the hip joint to replace it with a prosthetic leg. This is called hip prosthesis. After which a person needs to look out after themselves because recovery becomes very important. But also it is very important for the prosthetic leg to be of good quality which can hold onto for many years. And in a city like Gurgaon, The AVN surgery in gurgaon might be heavy on the pockets but it does make sure that there are no long term side effects in patients. 

If a person is not attentive towards their recovery, then the chances of them suffering from a different condition can increase as well. And to add to that there are also various elements which acts as a determining factor whether you will have a stable recovery period or not after undergoing a hip replacement surgery. 

Let’s take a look at some of the procedures which may normally follow after the surgery during the course of discharge. 

  • Pain should be manageable 
  • The patient should be able to get into and out of bed on his/her own
  • The patient should be able to move around with the assistance of a walking aid
  • The patient should be comfortable using the bathroom without any help. 

Now that we have covered the basics of the AVN treatment and the procedures of discharge, let’s dwell into the routine we should follow and avoid for a speedy recovery. 

Things to do after a hip replacement surgery 

  • Unclutter the house. Make sure there is enough space to move around without bumping into things. The patient is most likely to use an aid (like crutches) so more space will be required for movement. 
  • If the patient’s bedroom necessitates climbing stairs, it would be best to shift him/her to the ground floor. 
  • The bedside table should have everything that is frequently used by the patient, like cell phone, charger, water, bottle, medicines etc. 
  • Any stray wires on the floor should be taken care off immediately. Carpets, mats etc also need to be secured to minimize the risk of fall. 
  • Invest in a good chair. One that is firm, stable and taller than the usual size. 
  • The doctors are likely to instruct on how to bathe as keeping the wounds dry is important. 
  • Keeping legs elevated and icing the area will help the post operative pain. The ice should not be applied to the skin directly but instead needs to be used in the form of an ice pack or alternatively wrapped around in a towel before application. 
  • Physiotherapy is of paramount importance and should be done diligently. 

Things to avoid after a hip replacement surgery

  • Avoid crossing the legs at the knee for 1-2 months after the surgery. 
  • Make sure the knee is always below the level of the hip when seated. 
  • When being seated or standing up, leaning in front should always be avoided. 
  • If reaching down to pick up something then the feet need to remain facing forward and should not turn backwards or away from each other. 
  • Do not take any medication without the doctor’s knowledge. If the patient is on drugs for any other medical condition. 
  • Smoking and alcohol needs to be strictly avoided. They are detrimental to healing and reduce immunity. 

These are all the basic dos and don’ts after the AVN surgery once you get discharged and inside your home. But apart from all these measures, 1 should also keep consulting a doctor from time to time so that things are managed smoothless. 

Conclusion : In order to ensure a smooth transition to a recovery, a doctor consultation is very well needed. Someone who can monitor your progress even after the discharge and make sure the patients reach full recovery. And hence finding the right doctor becomes even more important. Dr Yugal Karkhur makes sure to personally monitor all his patients and keep a track of their recovery.

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