Keeping your Shoulders in the best shape

Keeping your Shoulders in the best shape

“Shake off the weight of the world from your shoulders…”

A lyrics line from the song by One Direction, English-Irish Band 

A famous line goes, “Never carry a burden on your shoulder!” Your shoulders need to be strong. Physically, your shoulder is close to your brain and your heart. Its maintenance and care are much needed.

What is a shoulder?

The shoulder comprises three bone parts: your upper arm bone, your shoulder blade, and your collarbone. Keeping your shoulder muscles flexible can help you better in body manoeuvrability and overall physical fitness. Shoulder pain or injury can restrict you from fundamental body movements, where, for example, you cannot move or raise your arms, have a stiff neck, cannot turn your back, lifting goods becomes a challenge, doing basic stretching becomes tough or doing other such basic activities cannot be achieved. 

How to keep your shoulders in the best shape and fit and fine

  • Sleep in the correct position. 
  • Have an appropriate pillow. The hardness or softness of the pillow can make your shoulder and sleep disturbed and imbalanced. 
  • Dislocation of the shoulder should be attended to immediately. YK Orthopaedics’ doctors are one of the most experienced and seasoned in treating shoulder dislocation and other allied problems. 
  • Use the best and latest medical equipment and devices, especially when treating reverse shoulder replacement surgery. YK Orthopaedics chain of clinics has the best medical devices and instruments for such treatments. 
  • Perform stretching exercises under the guidance of doctors. Do not overdo it, as it may hinder your Total Shoulder Replacement recovery process and or treatment.  
  • Use ointments, olive oil and medicines for any shoulder pain or injury under advice and prescription by a doctor.
  • Do specific or specified Yoga exercises/positions under the guidance and advice of a professional or doctor.
  • Get your upper back and surrounding area around the shoulder moving correctly, under supervision.
  • Do warm-up exercises before starting any tasks or vigorous activity, especially if you have currently undergone any shoulder treatment. 
  • Keeping your posture right can help in the well-being of your shoulders. 
  • Periodic shoulder massages can keep your shoulders fit and fine, especially for sports personnel or those doing a lot of physical activities like travelling and marketing.


For quick relief of any shoulder pain, stiffness, or injury, consult a doctor at YK Orthopaedics. You can choose to visit any of their clinics that are near you. You can check the clinic locations at the site: or call +91 8851376606 for more information or an appointment.

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