Partial knee replacement. What is it and its recovery time

What is partial knee surgery 

A partial knee replacement is surgery to replace only one part of a damaged knee. It can replace either the inside (medial) part, the outside (lateral) part, or the kneecap part of the knee. 

Partial knee replacement surgery removes damaged tissue and bone in the knee joint. It is done when arthritis is present in only part of the knee. The areas are replaced with an artificial implant, called a prosthetic. The rest of your knee is preserved. Partial knee replacements are most often done with smaller incisions, so there is less recovery time.

Now that we have a basic knowledge about this, let’s understand how it’s done. 

Before the surgery, the patients are given anesthesia to block the pain. Normally 2 types of anesthesia are given 

  • General Anesthesia : This makes us asleep and provides us with a pain free procedure
  • Regional Anesthesia : This makes us numb below the waist, and we also get medicines to relax or to make us feel sleepy. 

Once the Anesthesia has been applied, the knee replacement surgeon begins by making a cut over our knee. The cut is about 3 to 5 inches. 

Next, the surgeon looks at the entire knee joint. If there is damage to more than one part of your knee, you may need a total knee replacement. Most of the time this is not needed, because tests done before the procedure would have shown this damage. The damaged bone and tissue are removed. A part made from plastic and metal is placed into the knee. Once the part is in the proper place, it is attached with bone, cement or fixated to the bone. The wound is then finally closed with stitches or staples. 

Let’s understand the reasons behind the procedure. 

  • Difficulty in sleeping through the night
  • Not being able to do day to day activities because of the pain. 
  • The medicines or other minor treatments have not been able to cure the pain. 
  • The pain severely limits mobility. 

Now that we have covered what happens in this procedure and why it is used, let’s uncover the recovery process. 

Once the partial knee arthroscopy surgery has been done and the discharge has been given, it normally takes about a few months to completely recover from it.

The recovery time can vary from person to person depending on the age and medical conditions.

Even though there will be a physiotherapist and a doctor monitoring your recovery cycle, there are certain things we can do to help ourselves and speed up the recovery process. 

  • Icing your knee
  • Elevate your knee
  • Keeping the incision clean and covered
  • Doing home exercise 
  • Going to physical therapy

Although this procedure does not have a lot of risk, it still becomes extremely crucial to find a well versed and practiced knee replacement surgeon  to perform this surgery and guide and assist the patients in their recovery process even after the discharge. Conclusion –  Partial knee replacement is a great and very effective way of treating a broken knee joint. But the quality of the artificial joint also makes a huge difference in the long run. Will it hold up and carry forward? Otherwise it can create a huge problem in years to come. And while there are many knee surgeons in Gurgaon, there aren’t many who can provide the proper care and procedure for the post recovery process and making sure that the prosthetic can last for a longer duration without any problem.

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