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Study Shows higher hip replacement operations can yield better results

According to many surveys conducted, reported and concluded annually, the increasing proportion of hip replacement surgeries procures better results.  

However, the primary concern has always been resonating with Surgeons qualifications, experience and expertise in being a resident physician or a trained orthopaedic surgeon. 

Any research conducted on surgery primarily talks about the specific outcomes and its quality that is achievable by participating surgeons. 

There are countries that have planned and introduced initiatives for individual surgeon feedback on the hip replacement that is otherwise known as hip arthroplasty.

Much of the input is coming from the public and all who underwent hip arthroplasty to treat arthritis in the hip joint.

Vastra Gotaland from 2007 to 2016 study conducted amidst 12,100 operations is evidence of the fact that an orthopaedic surgeon will perform better for impressive results. 

The study was done with a 90-day post-surgery plan where complications were studied. The many problems included clots in the lung or leg, pneumonia, and surgical, for example, wounds infections, multiple operations (sometimes in one area), or hip dislocation.  

The experience of being a specialist in orthopaedic or year-long practice wasn’t a crucial factor relating to the health of the patients and the incurring pain levels.  

Patients who underwent surgery by resident physicians did not experience satisfactory results compared to specialist surgeons with years of experience. Still, the considerable fact is that the differences weren’t huge.

The reports belong to the study conducted in 2007-2012 under the aegis of the Region Vastra Gotaland healthcare authorities, where 6,713 hip replacements were conducted.

“The conclusion is that patients can expect the same benefits in terms of health, pain relief and satisfaction with the operation outcome, irrespective of how long the surgeon has been a specialist in orthopaedics,”

                                       Per Jolbäck, PhD., Registered Orthopedic Nurse, Skaraborg Hospital, University of Gothenburg

A surgeon-specific result had perceptions registered that seemed varied. 

Two things considerably help improve the situation for patients on the verge of undergoing hip replacement surgery in Gurgaon: The yearly volume of operations per specialist surgeon and feedback on a personal level.  

Dr Yugal Karkhur is an MBBS, MS, DNB, and MNAMS with a fellowship in Joint preservation & Adult Hip Reconstruction Surgery (Missouri Orthopaedic Institute, USA), fellowship in Joint replacement surgery (Man Superspeciality Hospital, Saket, Delhi), and a fellowship in Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy ( Sports Injury Centre Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi). 

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