Total Hip Replacement

    Common asked questions before Total Hip Replacement
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    What is hip Replacement surgery?

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    When can I walk after surgery?

    Can I squat & sit cross legged after surgery?

    Can I run and cycle after surgery?

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    Can it increase my leg length?

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    Total Hip Replacement Surgery

    What is Total Hip Replacement?

    • Total Hip Replacement(THR) is replacing the damaged or broken head of the thigh bone and resurfacing the socket of the hip joint
    • Total Hip Replacement can be done by cemented or uncemented technique depending upon patient’s bone stock
    • These are various surfaces available for replacing the hip joint
    • THR is performed for various conditions like fracture, arthritis, AVN etc.

    Advantages of Total Hip Replacement

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    Small Scar

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    Muscle sparing surgery

    Pain free hip joint

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    Fully active lifestyle


    • Hip joint arthritis can be a result of AVN, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis etc.
    • Congenital hip anomalies like coxa vara, Perthes’ disease, SCFE, DDH can lead to arthritis in future
    • Arthritis from any of the above cause
    • Fracture of head or neck of the femur where fixation cannot be done
    • Due to the excellent results of this surgery over past 100 years, it is officially labelled as the operation of the century
    • With the advent of high quality ceramic material and ultra smooth metal surfaces, the results have become even better
    • Dual mobility cups provide brilliant hip stability hence longer implant life

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