Carpal Tunnel Surgery: Effective Relief & Recovery

    Commonly asked Questions Before a Carpal Tunnel Release surgery?

    Can I do physiotherapy to avoid surgery?

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    Does my condition really need surgery?

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    Does it take months to recover after surgery?

    Will the surgery cause a large scar?

    Can I go to the office on the next day of surgery?

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    What are the success rates of the surgery?

    Have you been recommended to go in for Carpal tunnel release ?
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    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

    What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery ?

  • Compression of the median nerve in proximity to the joint in the wrist caused due to multiple factors can lead to the carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Patient can experience pain and numbness symptoms in the middle, index finger and the thumb.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms can range from fatigue in the affected hand and burning or tingling sensation over the area of the palm
  • Negligence with Carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to weakening of the fingers that have been affected causing disability on a severe level, requiring prompt action.
  • Advantages of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

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    A minimally invasive surgical experience

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    A faster recovery process

    Negligible infection chances

    Quick and effective return to daily life activities

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    Minimal loss of blood


    The recovery from a carpal tunnel surgery takes a considerable amount of time, ranging from several weeks to months.

    Pain is less intense after the endoscopic type surgery and comparatively more after an open surgery. Immediate pain post surgery is normal.

    Untreated carpal tunnel can lead to a lack of coordination between the thumb and the fingers.

    Yes, occupational therapy is one of the most recommended therapies.

    Yes, a splint or a bandage helps stabilize the wrist post the surgical procedure.

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