Knee Arthroscopy: Advanced Meniscus & Ligament Solutions

    Commonly asked Questions Before Knee Arthroscopy Surgery?
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    What is Arthroscopic Surgery(Key hole Surgery)?

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    What are the conditions in which knee arthroscopy can be done?

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    How is it better than the open surgery?

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    When can I return back to sports and other activities?

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    Can I avoid surgery by doing physiotherapy?

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    Will my knee become weaker after surgery?

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    Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

    What is Knee Arthroscopic Surgery?

    • Knee Arthroscopy is a technique for the visualisation of knee joint using camera through small holes(Key holes)
    • This technique can be used for various problems like ACL tear, PCL tear, meniscus tear, cartilage loss, fracture fixation
    • This technique provides patient with minimum cuts and blood loss while achieving quick recovery and return to activities

    Advantages of Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

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    Minimal scar and blood loss

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    Faster recovery

    Negligible chance of infection

    Walking from the same day

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    Return to office within 7 days


    ACL, PCL, PLC tear, Meniscus tear, focal cartilage loss, ACL avulsion fixation, ganglion cyst excision etc.

    • In cases of complete ACL tear or incomplete ACL tear with instability
    • Knee instability persisting after complete course of physiotherapy
    • Conserving the meniscus tissue is the latest approach of surgery
    • Meniscus repair can be done wherever the tissue are healthy and repairable
    • Partial meniscectomy can be performed in cases where repair cannot be done

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