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Carpal tunnel release

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Carpal tunnel release

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by the pressure prevalent on the median nerve. With the passage of time, a carpal tunnel syndrome can weaken the muscles of the wrists and hands. If the symptoms go on for a prolonged period of time, the condition starts to worsen and this is where the role of a carpel tunnel surgery comes in.

The Types of Carpal Tunnel  Surgery

There are two main types of surgeries for the carpel tunnel syndrome; Open and endoscopic. In both types of surgeries, the ligament around the carpel tunnel is cut down in order to minimise the pressure on the median nerve and for relief from the symptoms. Post the surgery, the ligament joins back together, but with more area for the median nerve to pass through.


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How long does it take to recover from a carpel tunnel surgery?

The recovery from a carpel tunnel surgery takes a considerable amount of time, ranging from several weeks to months.

What is the intensity of pain after getting a carpel tunnel surgery?

Pain is less intense after the endoscopic type surgery and comparatively more after an open surgery. Immediate pain post surgery is normal.

What will happen if carpel tunnel is left untreated?

Untreated carpel tunnel can lead to a lack of coordination between the thumb and the fingers.

Is physical therapy needed after carpel tunnel surgery?

Yes, occupational therapy is one of the most recommended therapies.

Is brace required after carpel tunnel surgery?

Yes, a splint or a bandage helps stabilize the wrist post the surgical procedure.