5 Myths About Total Knee Replacement: Dr. Yugal Explains the Facts

Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery is often considered a last-resort treatment option for severe osteoarthritis and other debilitating knee conditions. Although this procedure has been performed successfully for decades, it’s surrounded by numerous myths that can deter patients from making informed decisions. This article aims to debunk five prevalent myths associated with Total Knee Replacement, offering credible information backed by scientific evidence.

Myth 1: Total Knee Replacement is Only for the Elderly


Age is not the sole determinant for undergoing a TKR. The primary criteria for this surgery are the level of pain and disability experienced by the patient. Younger individuals with severe knee conditions may also be candidates for TKR.

Myth 2: Recovery Takes a Year or More


Advancements in surgical techniques and post-operative care have significantly reduced recovery time. Most patients can expect to return to normal activities within 3 to 6 months, depending on their overall health and commitment to rehabilitation.

Myth 3: The New Knee Will Last a Lifetime


While modern prosthetic materials are highly durable, they are not everlasting. On average, a replacement knee lasts about 15 to 20 years, depending on factors like activity level and body weight.

Myth 4: You Won’t Be Able to Exercise Again


Post-surgery, patients are encouraged to engage in low-impact exercises like swimming, cycling, and walking. Exercise is crucial for restoring strength and mobility, but high-impact activities like running may be discouraged.

Myth 5: The Surgery is Extremely Painful


Pain management has evolved significantly over the years, making post-operative pain manageable through medications and physical therapy. Patients generally report a dramatic reduction in pain levels following recovery.

Yugal Karkhur on Total Knee Replacement

Dr Yugal Karkhur, a renowned orthopaedic doctor and joint specialist, believes in clearing the air around Total Knee Replacement. With an extensive experience spanning over a decade, Dr. Yugal is dedicated to educating his patients about the realistic expectations and benefits of TKR. His commitment to delivering high standards of orthopaedic care ensures that his patients receive the most accurate information and effective treatment options tailored to their specific needs.

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is intended for educational purposes and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. For personalised healthcare recommendations, please consult a specialist physician. The results of treatments vary from person to person.

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