Partial knee replacement benefits eligible patients

Introduction : Let’s first understand what partial knee replacement surgery is. In this surgical process, the surgeons replace only 1 part of the damaged knee. They remove the damaged or injured bone surfaces of one compartment of the knee joint and replace it with prosthetic implants.

1 of the common reasons behind getting a partial knee surgery done is osteoarthritis. Especially if it happens among the young adults, as they would wish to continue to not just walk but also continue with their day to day activity without any hindrance, like any form of exercise or not slowing down in their work. The other reason could be a history of going through knee injuries. Sometimes if not diagnosed properly and not being treated on time, can result in a partial knee surgery. 

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However before getting a partial knee surgery the patient should also consider some other non operative options as well which can cure the pain that they are having. 

  • Weight loss
  • Physical therapy
  • Injection 
  • Alternative Cartilage restoration procedure 

But if all that procedure does not work or is not suitable, then that’s when some serious thought into a partial knee replacement surgery is given. However that’s not to say that any patient with injury or pain can be eligible for this surgery. 

Partial knee surgery is not a one stop solution for all the problems in your knee. It has its own limitations on its ability on which patients it can heal. Let’s understand some of the criteria. 

  • Arthritis isolated to 1 compartment of the knee
  • Pain present in limited region
  • The patient should not be obese otherwise it can have major side effects
  • Still having a good range of motion
  • The ligaments in the knee are stable 
  • Not being bow legged 

But there can be some criteria which likely will not make the patient eligible for the Partial Knee Surgery treatment. 

  • Inflammatory arthritis
  • Significant knee stiffness
  • Ligament Damage

1 of the most common causes of knee pain is arthritis. Commonly seen in older people. But depending upon how major that condition is, the doctors normally recommend a Total Knee replacement. If the patient is too old, like beyond 60 years of age or has some history of severe medical and physical condition. 

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Even though partial knee surgery is considered 1 of the safest options, it does not come without its own risks. 

  • Blood clots
  • Fluid buildup in the knee joint
  • Failure of the replacement parts to attach to the knee
  • Nerve and blood vessel damage 
  • Pain with kneeling

So the eligibility of partial knee surgery is based on the evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon. There will be some tests done to determine that. 

  • Medical History : The doctor will go through the history of your knee pain. Like where it hurts, how much it hurts, and if the location of that pain is either on the inside or the outside portion of the knee.
  • Physical examination : Doctors test the range of motion and ligament quality. If the knee is too stiff or the ligament is torn, then the doctors would not consider you for the partial knee surgery.
  • Imaging tests : The doctors will conduct X ray tests to determine the extent of the damage of the knee and in case of arthritis, the doctor will conduct several X ray tests just to study the pattern of arthritis. Apart from X ray, there is an MRI scan as well through which the doctor may order an MRI scan to better evaluate things. 

Conclusion : While a partial knee surgery may seem like the safest option to cure the knee pain, there are a lot of factors which determine the eligibility of the surgery. It ranges from age, weight, medical history etc. And it does have its own risks and side effects.

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