5 Things To Know About Recovery After Knee Replacement


For those who are experiencing severe pain, worsening arthritis, or immobility in the knee, then you can drastically enhance your quality of life by getting knee replacement surgery. It may be the right choice if you have tried all non-surgical treatments, such as injections or pain medications; however, you are still dealing with pain that restricts how you live your life. So, if you are trying to determine whether you should get knee replacement surgery or not, then you have landed in the right place. In this blog, we at YK Orthopaedics will get you acquainted with several basics of recovery after knee replacement surgery.

What You Should Know About Recovering After Knee Replacement Surgery

1. Recovery Will Not Happen Overnight

While there are various minor surgeries that patients recover from quickly, it is not the case with knee replacement surgery. It is a critical surgery that includes anaesthesia and removing damaged cartilage and bone. The healing process takes time after surgery. It is essential that you plan enough time to rest properly and follow your doctor’s post-surgery instructions for lifestyle changes so as to prevent any risk of injury while you recover.

2. Prepare Your Home Beforehand

When you get back home from the hospital after knee replacement surgery, it is necessary that the floor is clear of area rugs, clutter, and power cords. For several weeks, you are likely to feel exhausted and vulnerable to falls. We suggest you keep only essential items near your bed, such as medications, television remote control, phone, tissues, and crossword puzzles, in order to diminish the risk of accidents.

3. Physical Therapy Is Crucial

Physical therapy will start with passive exercises a while after your surgery to help in improving your mobility and prevent circulation issues. In a day or two, your therapist will help you get in and out of bed and stand using a walker. When you go back home, you will be provided exercises to perform yourself between physical therapy sessions. It is also essential that you take part in physical therapy to help build strength and fully recover without any complications.

4. Shaking Off The Pain Might Backfire

Pain medication plays a vital role in knee replacement recovery. Although you may believe you are being stronger and enduring by not taking your pain medicines, doing this will backfire by making it all the more difficult for you to perform your physical therapy exercises. If you are uncomfortable with pain medicines, you can always talk to your doctor about substitutes.

5. You May Need Assistance

The best thing to do after surgery is to give yourself proper time to rest. This means asking your family members to take care of your chores for several weeks so that you can focus solely on healing. If you live by yourself, you must ask a friend to stay with you or hire a caretaker to clean, cook, and assist you. 


At YK Orthopaedics, Dr Yugal provides the best solutions for patients who have undergone knee replacement surgery. Not only this, but he also makes sure you of your speedy recovery, given you follow his instructions religiously. Get in touch with Dr Yugal for consultation.