How To Manage Pain After Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

Experiencing some pain, bruising, and swelling is quite normal when you are recovering from knee surgery; however, if you are going through immense pain in the knee after undergoing a total knee replacement surgery, then it is definitely a matter of concern. Still, when you know how to manage the pain, you do not have much to worry about. Total knee replacement is a procedure wherein the doctor replaces the diseased knee joint with artificial material. This being said, there are different ways in which you can manage postoperative symptoms and ease your pain. We at YK Orthopaedics have brought you the ultimate guide to managing pain after total knee replacement surgery to help in faster recovery.

What Should You Do Immediately After The Operation

Science has made remarkable advances in pain management after total knee replacement surgery in the last decade. This is due to developments in using spinal blocks, regional nerve blocks, as well as other methods to control pain. Here are several ways to manage pain after a total knee replacement operation:

  1. Regular Icing

Applying an ice pack is among the best and most effective ways to control pain and swelling after undergoing knee replacement surgery. Ice helps in easing the pain and swelling naturally, thereby making for the most popular way to keep postoperative pain, bruises, and swelling in check.

  1. Take Proper Rest

Resting is an essential practice to follow once you are discharged from the hospital after knee replacement surgery. The more you rest, the more you will heal. Swelling, pain, and overdoing yourself are all tied together. Rest is the perfect cure for all three.

  1. Elevate

Keep your legs elevated higher than your hips. This posture will help you significantly control the pain. Gravity will carry the built-up fluid towards your heart, thereby eliminating pain and swelling faster.

  1. Postoperative Medication

Right after your surgery, the effect of anaesthesia will gradually wear off. This is why we provide pain medication either through an intravenous tube or orally. You must take note that heavier doses can result in addiction and physical dependence in the long run. So, we recommend you only stick with our instructions to avoid any side effects.

Some Home Treatments To Ease The Pain

When you are at the hospital, you are suggested to wear compression stockings, and your surgeon may also tell you to wear them for two weeks after the surgery. These stockings help reduce the risk of any blood clot and also help in reducing aching in the leg.

Applying topical patches and ointments to the knee also helps in controlling the pain and makes it easy to sleep at night without much pain. 


We usually recommend that patients undergo physiotherapy once they reach a certain level of recovery. You must practice the steps discussed above to get rid of the pain after a total knee replacement surgery. YK Orthopaedics is a team of exceptionally experienced and skilled doctors and surgeons who work tirelessly to improve your health and mobility. Contact us today and schedule a visit. We are here to address all your queries related to your surgery.