The complete procedure of Total Hip Arthroplasty explained

Introduction : Total Hip Arthroscopy which is also known as Total Hip replacements which is used to treat hip related problems. And in contemporary time, it may have become a very common procedure but Total Hip Replacement is still a very delicate procedure. There still can be complications and risk of having the need for limb lengthening, shortening surgery and damaged joints. But surgical planning and preparation is a great way to prevent these episodes and highly recommended for achieving correct personalized hip replacement. 

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But things have changed significantly since the past and now there is much more success rate than it was before. And all this has happened because of the implementation of a new process known as templating. 

Templating has been proven as no less than a winning formula for T.H.A technique and its fundamentals. Templating allows surgeons to do preoperative physical exam analysis. Now with the help of templating, THA surgeons can consider the size of the implant but also cut and move the fragments to know the surgerys final result. 

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A skillfully performed THA considers all 3 dimensions and preoperative planning software which makes the whole process easier. Lets understand the step by step approach to templating in total hip replacement. 

Limb Length discrepancy (LLD) : The transchisial line is used to measure any leg length difference.

Centre of rotation : The anatomical center of rotation of the femoral head should be reproduced by the position of the acetabular component. Acetabular and femoral component positioning should mimic normal autonomy.

Femoral Offset : Femoral Offset is the distance from the center of rotation of the femoral head to a line dissecting the long axis of the femur. 

Now let’s study on performing total hip replacement automatically

Using a hybrid environment with a CT scan, it is possible to perform an automatic template for hip arthroplasty. The desired implants are placed based on the previously defined landmark on the procedure. 

To begin with, the surgeon first needs to perform a cut of the femur. The automatic template detects the cup that better matches the femoral head diameter and places it in the planning view which can be adjusted on the configuration window. Then based on the component of the cup, the compatible insert and the femoral head gets added and automatically repositioned. 

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Proximal femoral resection and alignment of the cup, liner, head and stem components can be performed in real time. 

With an experience of more than 12 years in orthopedics Dr Yagul Kakhar have studied the art of executing THA successfully and also learnt new methods and techniques on performing it. With his learning and experience on the surgery, he makes sure that all his patients can have a speedy recovery.

Conclusion : WIth the help of recent developments and technology and new methods, performing Total Hip Arthroscopy has become much easier and safer than it was 10 years ago. And YK orthopedics are equipped with all the necessary equipment and training to provide safe surgery to all its patients.