Perfect Treatment for your Hips

Perfect Treatment for your Hips

Undoubtedly Gurgaon has become a popular and preferred medical destination, especially in the past decade and a half. Expats, foreign patients and people from all over the country and from other walks of life visit Gurgaon seeking and with the hope of getting the best advice and medical treatment. You may expect the best treatment for any hip ailment, surgery or other hip-related problem in Gurgaon, and YK Orthopaedics chain of clinics offers the best medical treatment for your hip, hip replacement surgery in gurgaon and post-care to the hip treatment. 

“At one stage I was using crutches on stage and couldn’t walk more than 20 yards but a hip replacement in 2010 sorted that out.”

Toyah Ann Willcox, world-famous musician

Treatment for your hips, surgery and advice

  • Not all hip ailments, troubles and injuries require surgery; hence doctor’s advice is a must before pining and finalizing a course of hip treatment.
  • Doctors’ expertise and their best examination of your hip, the advice and the best course of treatment are the critical foundation for hip replacement surgery or other hip cures. At YK Orthopaedics, such hip advisory procedures are followed rigorously and meticulously. 
  • A YK Orthopaedic doctor would check with you about past medical issues or any medicinal allergies or ask for your medical record, which is essential for holistic hip treatment, especially hip replacement surgery. The doctor would want to check the root cause of the hip problem, which may have occurred due to sport, accident, fall or lifestyle.
  • Best medical devices, advanced technology and clinics. YK Orthopaedics maintains the latest and most in-demand medical devices and equipment required in hip treatment, including hip replacement surgery. 

How to ensure proper and perfect care for your hips in the future or post-treatment?

  • The best and most seasoned doctors follow up with the patients to check back for progress in healing or any pains and problems, especially in the case of hip replacement surgery. YK Orthopaedics have a computer system to maintain such records and files. 
  • You must keep the doctor posted about the progress and improvement of your hip. 
  • Take any medication required as prescribed by the doctor. Be religious in taking the medicines as advised by the doctor.
  • Keeping your hip warm and comfortable can be beneficial. Take the doctor’s advice on this, on the dos and donts post the hip treatment or the hip replacement surgery. 
  • Certain food items are suitable for your hips and your physical need, especially post the hip treatment. Get doctor’s advice on food intake. 
  • Post hip treatment, depending on age, many patients can walk in a day or two, but other activities, such as climbing steep stairs, extensive or fast walking, or sports, can take a few weeks. You must consult your doctor on the steady progression of activities. 
  • Choose a clinic near you. Also, should you need to visit again for more consultations or sessions. YK Orthopaedics clinics are most conveniently located. To check a clinic near you, see


Get the perfect treatment for your hip. Having a prolonged hip problem or postponing treatment can only worsen it, and it may result in restricting other physical day-to-day activities for you.

With the YK Orthopaedic chain of clinics, expect to get a one-stop solution for all your hip-related problems, hip replacement surgery and or any other hip issues. For more tips and information, visit and for consultation and appointment call +91 8851376606.

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