Resuming sports after total knee replacement surgery

Introduction : While TKR is considered to be a successful procedure among most of the patients suffering from arthritis, it even relieves pain and restores functioning and alignment of the joint but it’s also important to keep in mind that the recovery process can be pretty long. On average it does take at least 6 months for the patient to fully recover. 

Now for regular individuals, it shouldn’t be much of a problem but what about those, who love sports or are professional sportsmen. But the whole process is never easy and can be very taxing for players. We have seen many examples of professional players in a lot of sports, where if they have suffered with knee pain and that resulting in them having to take up surgery, then life has never been the same for them. They either had to take an early retirement or do not come back as the same player as they once used to be. 

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But that doesn’t mean it applies to everybody. There are some players who may spend extra time in the rehab but once they get back in the field, they find their old form and in some cases become better players than they once were. It depends on factors like age, previous medical condition, health and the sports they play. 

In some high impact sports like tennis, football, cricket, tennis, where athletes need to constantly run and end up putting pressure on their joints and bones is most likely to be prohibited for them as applying extra force on that body part will most likely make things worse for them. So in most scenarios, professionals who play this sport are likely to take an early retirement. 

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But there is 1 thing to keep in mind, regardless of the sports you play, is that recovery can be a long process so any individual must keep real expectations. Having knee replacement surgery, doesn’t mean we can participate in strenuous sports that we didn’t do before surgery. The sports that we would play after the surgery would be the same sport we used to play prior to getting operated. The ability of returning to playing sports is also impacted by general health. According to studies, the healthier a person is, the more likely they will return to playing sports. 

Conclusion : But for any individual, be it an athlete or just a regular individual looking to get back to playing sports, it’s necessary to run these things through with an orthopedic so they can guide better. Dr Yugal Karkhur is one of the top rated orthopedists in the country who can provide in-depth knowledge on the topic of knee replacement.