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Supporting joint health as you age

With growing age, joint pain can become a common problem. This is caused by Osteoarthritis, when the tissue at the ends of the bone isn’t as flexible anymore. The cushion wears down, and the resultant symptoms are painful and inflamed joints that are difficult to move. The problem occurs naturally, but it isn’t that you can’t do anything about it. Supporting joint health during these years of life becomes more needful than ever. 

The most commonly affected areas include hands, feet, knees, pelvic floor, etc.

Symptoms of Osteoarthiritis

  • Extreme joint pain at the end of the day
  • Stiffness in joints while resting
  • Restricted motion
  • Clicking and popping sounds during movements
  • Inflammed joints
  • Weak muscles around the joints

Ways to support joint health with growing age

Improvising ways of life and indulging in extra care habits can result in better joint health, paving the way for a functional life even with increasing age.

Maintain a healthy weight

An extra kilo is always an unnecessary pressure on joints and muscles supporting the lower back, knees and other such areas. Excessive wear and tear of muscles can lead to Osteoarthiritis developing on the joints. 

You can easily maintain a healthy weight by exercising good portion control, indulging in a balanced diet, getting involved in regular exercises and keeping a frequent connection with your doctor regarding overall physical well-being.  

Take a good note of the problem

If the continuous joint aches are troubling your day-to-day life activities, it is time for you to give it real thought and consult an orthopaedic.

Here are certain signs and symptoms that are a clear indication of the worsening situation:

Painful joints at rest mode

Normally arthritis causes joint pain when the muscles are involved in physical activities; when relaxing, the muscles provide a sense of comfort. Bur, if the pain is troubling you while you are resting, it is time for you to reach out to your orthopaedic expert and get medical advice.

Everyday activities become a challenge

Some of life’s daily activities include bending, sitting, going to bed, and climbing stairs. When it becomes a challenge to move or lift, and flexibility becomes a question, a real solution might be the need of the hour to act as a permanent solution. 

Normal pain management techniques are no more effective

The basic remedies for pain relief include medications, physical therapy and injections. But, when all of these become ineffective and don’t last long, it could indicate that a more advanced treatment is required.

These are some common problems amongst the old age group. However, they can be avoided to a good extent for a longer duration with significant lifestyle changes. But, there are possible remedies even if the situation has reached a higher level; just ensure that you are backed by expert medical guidance.

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