As we all know, recovering from a hip replacement surgery can often be a daunting task which takes patience and a lot of physiotherapy to completely bounce back. Before we delve into that, let’s first understand what the recovery timeframe may look like. 

Although the recovery for a total hip surgery replacement varies by individual, there are some common milestones. This is based on data that gets compiled from many patients who’ve undergone the surgery. 

You will probably be discharged to your home or a rehabilitation center several days after surgery. You will need someone to help you for several days to several weeks.

Even after the AVN treatment is over, there is no immediate discharge. It’s a slow and gradual process with a physiotherapist who is assigned to you and helps you with specific exercises and movements which contributes in improving blood flow and building muscle strength. 

The activity starts with something as basic as sitting up in bed, getting out of bed safely and learning to walk with crutches 

Before you leave the hospital, a physical therapist will provide you with instructions on daily exercises for you to do at home.

But the recovery process does not end in the hospital. It’s only once we get discharged from the hospital that the real recovery process starts. Especially when there’s AVN treatment in Satna  and the resources. Let’s take a look at some of the tips with which patients can recover from home.

  • Preparing home in advance – Before the surgery, ask friends and family to help and rearrange our home for easy access to everything we may need. This can include some small changes in our rooms, kitchen and even our furniture so we can not end up straining our body as it needs rest.
  • Plan for some time off work – This here is a no brainer. Once we come out of a hip replacement surgery, or any surgery for that matter, our body needs rest to recover and we also need some rest to recover from this mentally. We need to give ourselves time with rehabilitation to cope up with the pain and be back to full recovery.
  • Balance rest and recovery with gentle exercise – Now after the surgery and having just got home, it’s only human to be in bed and just wish to rest. As our body is still not in good capacity to do regular tasks. But a part of recovering and healing is to slowly move around and gently exercise our body. Because laying still for too long and not doing any physical activity will only make us more stiff and that would hinder our recovery.
  • Think about nutrition to help speed up recovery – To recover from any sort of illness, treatment or injury, we must make some improvements to our diet. Following a healthy nutritional diet plays a very important role in the healing of our body.
  • Be mindful of your hip position when in bed – It is very important to not only have a good undisturbed sleep but also have a straight posture to support your body after undergoing a painful AVN surgery. And while the body posture needs to be straight at all times, it is not advisable to get intimate in bed as it may hinder the recovery process.
  • Think about your travel and holiday plans –  Living in the confinement of our home for more than 2 months can be a pretty daunting task for anyone. There will always be a sudden urge to go driving and catch up with friends. Or take a flight to a holiday destination, you’ve been wanting and craving for all along. But we need to refrain from flying or driving for at least the first 6 weeks. And even after that slowly and gradually drive cars in short distances and travel to places which aren’t that far off.
  • Return to hobbies steadily – After the surgery, we all get keen and eager to get on with our life as soon as we can. Which can include, heading to the gym, or playing our favorite sports or doing some fun activity like dancing. But we cannot just immediately dive into doing those things. While outdoor activity can be a great instrument in healing, we must not forget that our bodies take their own time to recover and heal. So these things need to be done under the supervision of a physiotherapist to make sure we don’t end up exerting ourselves. 

Conclusion : In every city from tier-1 to tier-3, there is no shortage of finding an AVN treatment. But there are not a lot of clinics/hospitals which offer a proper 1 on 1 recovery process. Like in a city like Satna, any customer can find an AVN treatment in Satna but it’s about consulting the right doctor who can provide us with step by step treatment on recovery as well.

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