knee replacement surgery in gurgaon

Different types of knee replacement surgery

Are you finding daily life movements difficult? Is it painful to walk your dog or climb a flight of stairs? Is getting out of your chair a hurtful task? Is it that the medicines do not work anymore to relieve the pain? If it is a yes for all the questions, you might need to consider consulting an orthopaedic surgeon as soon as possible. 

Knee replacement surgery or arthroplasty is a very common treatment plan for knee pain and injuries. Severe arthritis can cause immense pain in the knee area, which can be relieved by knee replacement surgery in gurgaon, restoring healthy movements. 

In the process, the orthopaedic surgeon replaces the worn-out joint with an artificial one made of ceramic, plastic, or metal. Materials like acrylic cement are used to fix the prosthetic joint to the thigh, shin and kneecap area.    

Do you really need a knee-replacement surgery?

A very common reason for knee-replacement surgery is Osteoarthritis, in which the cushion in the middle of the knee and bone joint breaks down.    

There are other reasons for knee-replacement surgery as well that include: 

Rheumatoid arthritis, in which the body’s immune system destroys the knee lining 

Deformities like people with “knock-knees” or bowed legs

Knee injuries such as torn ligaments around the knee result in immense pain hindering regular free movements  

Here’s a list of different types of knee surgery:

Total knee replacement

This is the most commonly performed surgery where your surgeon replaces the surface of the shinbone and the thigh bone connecting to the knee. 

Partial knee replacement

When only one side of our knee is affected by arthritis, this type of surgery might be a possible solution. However, this will work as a solution only when your knee ligament is very strong and the rest of the knee’s cartilage is normal. The incision in partial knee replacement is smaller than that of a total knee replacement. 

Patellofemoral replacement

In such type of surgery, only the under the surface of the knee cap is replaced. This is highly effective for persons with chronic kneecap arthritis. 

Complex knee replacement

When you have already had two or three unsuccessful knee surgeries, it can become a complex knee surgery in the end. Also, in the case of severe knee arthritis, this might be the only possible solution.

Cartilage restoration

In isolated areas of injury, cartilage restoration promotes the replacement of the torn area with a living cell or graft growing into the cartilage. 

Dr Yugal Karkhur is an MBBS, MS, DNB, and MNAMS with a fellowship in Joint preservation & Adult Hip Reconstruction Surgery (Missouri Orthopaedic Institute, USA), fellowship in Joint replacement surgery (Man Superspeciality Hospital, Saket, Delhi), and a fellowship in Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy ( Sports Injury Centre Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi). 

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