Osteonecrosis or AVN HIP occur when the blood supply to the femoral head is disrupted. And this results in pain around the hip. And has been a common injury among men ranging from 30 – 50 years. It can be caused by joint dislocation, fracture, existing medical ailments, excessive intake of alcohol, smoking and high dosage of steroids. 

When to consult a doctor : If not treated in time, this can be a very painful condition to be in. And this only worsens over a period of time. In every city, there are AVN treatments. Gurgaon is known for some very effective AVN treatments in gurgaon   Individuals who have such symptoms of this condition and having difficulty in their mobility should immediately consult a doc specially if they experience the following symptoms. 

  • Pain not getting better with rest or painkillers 
  • Pain that makes moving or walking difficult 
  • Limping without any reason. 

Treatment options : The goal here is to prevent further bone loss which can be done by medications, therapy or surgical procedures like AVN surgery depending on how serious it is. 

Medications : If the condition is in its early stages then certain medication may help ease up the symptoms. 

  • Nonsteroidal Anti – inflammatory drugs – Over the counter medication like ibuprofen ( Advil, Motrin IB, others ) or naproxen sodium (Aleve) might help relieve pain associated with avascular necrosis. Stronger nonsteroidal anti – inflammatory drugs (NSAID) are available by prescription.
  • Osteoporosis Drugs – These types of medications might slow the progression of avascular necrosis, but the evidence is mixed.
  • Cholesterol Lowering Drugs –   Lessen the amount of cholesterol and fat in the blood might help prevent the vessel blockages which causes avascular necrosis.
  • Medicine which opens blood vessels – Iloprost (Ventavis) might increase blood flow to the affected bone. But on the same subject more study is needed.
  • Blood thinners – For clotting disorders, blood thinners such as warfarin (jantoven) might prevent clots in the vessels feeling the bone. 

Therapy : In some cases, based on the diagnosis, doctors can also recommend the following therapies. 

  • Rest : Restricting physical activities or using crutches for several months to keep weight off the joint might help slow the bone damage.
  • Exercises : A physical therapist can teach exercises to help maintain or improve the range of motion in the joint.
  • Electrical stimulation : Electrical currents might encourage the body to grow new bone to replace the damaged bone. Electrical stimulations can be used during surgery and applied directly to the damaged area. It can also be administered through electrodes, attached to the skin. 

Surgical and other procedures : Since most people don’t develop symptoms until avascular necrosis is advanced, the health care provider may recommend AVN surgery. The options can include 

  • Core decompression : A surgeon removes part of the inner layer of the bone.
  • Bone transplant : This procedure helps strengthen the area of bone affected by avascular necrosis.
  • Bone reshaping : A wedge of bone is removed above or below a weight bearing joint to help shift weight off the damaged bone.
  • Joint replacement : If the affected bone has collapsed or other treatments aren’t helping.
  • Regenerative medicine treatment : Bone marrow aspirate and concentration is a newer procedure which may contribute in treating the avascular necrosis in the earlier stages. 

Conclusion : As we have concluded so far, the only way to treat AVN HIP is to get it diagnosed early and begin the treatment as soon as possible. Dr Yagul Karkhur not only has studied this condition extensively but also offers a variety of treatments to help battle this condition. He even offers world class AVN surgery in Satna From replacement to reconstruction surgeries, his clinic YKortheopodics makes sure to find a suitable treatment for the patient of any age group and in any condition they might be.

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