ACL surgery in Gurgaon

Why do you need arthroscopic ACL surgery?


Arthroscopic ACL surgery is used to repair a damaged ACL that has been partly or fully torn (anterior cruciate ligament).

ACL injuries makeup around 40% of all sports injuries and can cause long-term discomfort and instability.

Depending on the degree of the damage, an ACL repair or an ACL reconstruction are the two most frequent forms of ACL knee surgery.

The majority of ACL knee surgery nowadays is done arthroscopically. Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique in which a special camera and surgical equipment are inserted through a tiny hole into the knee.

“Keyhole surgery” is a term used to describe arthroscopic ACL surgery. The main benefit is that the surgeon may examine the joint and fix any damage without having to expose it completely. Because there is less damage to the knee, recuperation time is accelerated.

In this blog, you will know why you need ACL surgery. Visit the ACL surgeon in Gurgaon to learn more about how the ACL is injured.

What happens in ACL surgery?

Two or three tiny incisions are made on the knee side with arthroscopic ACL surgery methods. A unique camera (known as an arthroscope) is placed through one of the holes to allow the surgeon to view the extent of the injury.

Then, via the second hole, special instruments (such as scissors or lasers) are used to repair, remove, or replace any damaged tissue. The joint is then cleaned out and closed with sterile fluid.

Why do you need it?

Many people, including those who have totally torn their ACL, recover from their injury without the need for arthroscopic ACL surgery. It essentially boils down to two factors: the extent to which the knee’s stability has been compromised and the activities to which the affected individual wants to return.


The requirement for torn ACL surgery will also be determined by the affected person’s level of exercise. Someone who wants to get back into sports is more likely to require surgery than someone who has a sedentary lifestyle.


If the knee keeps giving way/buckling owing to persistent instability, arthroscopic ACL surgery is advised. When this happens, the other structures in the knee, notably the cartilage and meniscus, are in danger of being damaged. It is critical to prevent giving away of the knee regularly, as tearing the meniscus results in less protection for the knee bones and an increased chance of developing arthritis.

As a result, arthroscopic ACL surgery is recommended for people who:

Would you like to get back into pivoting sports like football, skiing, tennis, rugby, boxing, or hockey?

Have issues with knee instability, which causes their knee to give way throughout daily activities?


We hope this blog has given most of the info about ACL surgery and in which situation you need one. One of the most vital bands of tissue linking the shinbone and the femur is damaged by the ACL (thigh bone). Consult Dr. Yugal, an ACL Surgeon in Gurgaon, today for arthroscopic ACL surgery.

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